The MMD Cup is a tournament style animation contest that is traditionally held on Nico Nico Douga, which is hailed as the Japanese equivalent of Youtube. Participants are given a theme (open to free interpretation) and then set off to create the best animation they can.


Each cup is announced in the form of a video promotion. Target dates are given at this stage, but the theme is announced later. Participants have about a month to prepare a preliminary submission, usually a short preview of what they'll actually be doing. Entries are then viewed, and then voted upon to determine who advances.

The next stage is where the final video is submitted, and the judging commences for real. Finally, the results are given and the closing ceremony takes place. This video sometimes contains advertisements for the MikuMiku Dance software.


To date there have been 15 cups. The which is still in judging.

  1. Summer:
  2. Spring & Special: Seasons, Promotion, There There
  3. Trillogy: Seasons, Future, Music
  4. A New Hope: Day, The World, M
  5. Neo Universe: Change, Festival, Virtual
  6. Breakthrough: E, Sense, Moe
  7. Sexual Intercourse : Shotacon, ohbby<3