In addition to animating models, users can import various Accessories to be used as props or backgrounds in animations. These range from stages to exterior scens to everyday objects, with more being created all the time.

Million Year Sleep enuxEdit

A very large selection of stages, and still going The blog posts new items as they're added, and there is also an index page that lists them all. Currently they're up to two full pages.

Paper GuitarEdit

A site dedicated to advanced papercraft, and musical instruments you can find. Downloads are divided up into categories.

The ThighEdit

There's an adult content warning, but there doesn't seem to be any content that would do it. Unless they thought that the weapons would count. The site sets up donwloads so that each thumbnail is linked to the file.

We Play And MMDEdit

This blog has a good selection of accessories, including a kitchen, some utensils, furniture, food Each accessory appear to get it's own post, and a download link that you have to copy and paste into your browser. 

The MikuMikuDance Resource

This site has a selection of accessories, stages, models, VSQ, UST, poses, and motion data that is consistantly updated. It's downloads are connected to mediafire and select youtube, deviantart, loda, and other fileshares. Motion data's have youtube video previews to see what you're downloading.